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Garage doors that use torsion springs usually have one spring. The spring is mounted above the center of the door. When the door is closed or opened, the spring uncoils or clamps down on the spindle.

This generates or releases tension that helps in moving the door. On the other hand, garage doors that use extension springs have a spring that is mounted on each side of the door. The springs enable the door to stretch out and bounce back as it moves.

Some people fail to realize that the springs of their garage door is damaged, causing a more serious problem. This makes broken spring repair/replacement expensive and even cause injuries. How would you know if the springs on your garage door is damaged?

Determining if your garage door is damaged is simple. Symptoms of broken springs include loud snap or similar noise while the door is operating, hanging door at angle, and strains on lifting the door, and not opening or closing.

If your garage opener has broken string, hiring the services of garage door repair Glendale AZ Company is a must. In some instances, the torsion springs are under high tension and needed to be released properly. Doing this alone can cause severe injuries as the spring can pop up unintentionally.

In addition, the springs need to be balanced properly on the door to ensure that additional damages will be avoided. There are plenty of garage door repair Glendale AZ contractors that you can find. This provides you the opportunity to get rid of damaged garage door openers easily and quickly.

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