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At one point or another, a garage door will break down due to several reasons. In this case, hiring a broken springrepair/replacement service from garage door repair Glendale AZ specialists is a must. This is due to the fact the one of the common problems of garage doors is the spring.

The spring or springs are responsible for balancing the door, and making it possible for a heavyweight garage opener to be moved. Unfortunately, the weight of the garage opener put too much stress on the springs, causing them to break over the time of prolonged used.

Therefore, it is only essential that you hire a garage door repair Glendale AZ specialist to provide you with the broken spring repair/replacement service that you need. If you fail to do this, it will cause severe problems that can provide you with serious headache.

Garage Door Springs Cycle/p>

Garage door springs are typically rated in cycles. The cycles are the number of times the springs will be usable before it breaks down. The best quality garage door springs that are used by garage door repair Glendale AZ contractors are rated over 30,000 cycles.

Assuming that you have a garage door opener that opens and closes for about six times a day, you can expect that the springs can support the weight of your door for about eleven years before they fail and require broken spring repair/replacement service.

Types of Garage Door Springs

Torsion springs and extension springs are the common types of garage door springs that are being used by garage door repair Glendale AZ.

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